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NXT-Air Liquide Membrane System

A high performance membrane element offering carbon dioxide removal efficiency in natural gas applications.

Discover the Unparalleled Performance of the NXT-Air Liquide Membrane System

With the innovative NXT-Air Liquide Membrane System, natural gas users benefit from a cost-effective and space-saving solution for eliminating carbon dioxide.

Membrane systems are a tried-and-true technology for eliminating carbon dioxide, and with the right pre-treatment design, they demonstrate unparalleled reliability, effectiveness, and portability in even the most remote locations.

At Cypress Fabrication Services, we customized and built all turnkey units for the NXT-Air Liquide Membrane System. Learn more about the system by reading below.

NXT | Turnkey Fabrication

The Basics

NXT-Air Liquide Membrane System ties together a host of technologies to provide an integrated system for carbon dioxide removal:

  • Membrane Elements: NXT-Air Liquide membrane elements are designed to remove carbon dioxide from natural gas streams.
  • Pressure Vessels: The pressure vessels contain the membranes and can withstand the high-pressure requirements of a membrane system.
  • Control System: The control system monitors and controls the pressure vessels, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Skid-Mounted System: The NXT-Air Liquide Membrane System is skid-mounted, making it easily portable and quickly deployable in remote locations.
NXT | Turnkey Unit Fabrication

ASME Pressure Vessels

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Automation and Controls

NXT-Air Liquide Membrane System is equipped with an advanced automation and controls system, which allows for optimized performance and efficient operation. The control system enables monitoring of all elements of the membrane system, including pressure vessel conditions, pre-treatment requirements, element loading, and membrane efficiency. The automation system makes it easy to adjust parameters as needed to ensure optimal performance.

Automation and Controls Fabrication

Two-Stage Separation System

The NXT-Air Liquide Membrane System also incorporates a two-stage separation system, which significantly increases the system’s carbon dioxide removal efficiency. By separating the effluent into two streams and then subjecting each stream to separate membrane treatments, the NXT-Air Liquide Membrane System can achieve higher levels of efficiency than other systems.

Turnkey Units

Natural Gas Applications


The Benefits

NXT-Air Liquide Membrane System offers a number of benefits to natural gas users:

  • High Performance: The NXT-Air Liquide membrane elements offer excellent carbon dioxide removal efficiency, even in difficult and demanding conditions.
  • Cost Savings: The NXTAir Liquide Membrane System requires fewer membranes and pressure vessels than similar systems, resulting in lower equipment costs.
  • Ease of Use: The skid-mounted system is easily deployable and highly portable, allowing for quick setup times in remote locations.
  • Reliable Operation: With the right pre-treatment design and maintenance protocols, the NXT-Air Liquide Membrane System is designed to provide reliable and consistent performance.

The Solutions

For natural gas users looking for a cost-effective, space-saving solution for eliminating carbon dioxide, the NXT-Air Liquide Membrane System provides a high-performance, best-in-class option.

With excellent carbon dioxide removal efficiency, ease of use, and reliable operation, the NXT-Air Liquide Membrane System is an ideal choice for eliminating carbon dioxide in natural gas applications.

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